Michael K. Corbin


About Self-Publishing

Self-published authors are changing the face of the book publishing industry across the world. In the past, writers who wanted to have their book published were entangled in the process of hiring literary agents, courting publishers and signing away the rights to their work. With the advent of modern digital printing technology, innovative writers are searching for a publishing option where they, as creative authors, can be in control of the publication process. In bypassing traditional methods, these trendsetters are able to maintain complete editorial control over their work, provide guidance for cover design and interior layout of the book, choose a royalty percentage and set the appropriate selling price for their market.

As these publishing forerunners establish their name in the industry, hone their marketing techniques and achieve their publishing goals, even more writers are beginning to consider the self-publishing option for their work. The publishing paradigm is shifting, and writers of all backgrounds and experience are successfully editing, publishing and marketing their work.

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