Michael K. Corbin


Book Title: The Art Of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal

The Art Of Everyday Joe: A Collector's JournalAbout the Book

Finally, it's here!  If you love art, but think you can't afford it, your search is over.  Now, an art book that doesn't talk down to you.  "The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector's Journal," is a spectacular trip through the world of contemporary art.  Picking up where "Art In King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal," leaves off, join collector Michael K.Corbin on his continuing journey and discover that great art is actually within your reach.  Art enriches your life and home, but more importantly the world.  This fantastic book will leave you wondering why you didn't become an art collector much sooner.  Dozens of full color illustrations from Corbin's own collection are included.  Buckle up for another thrilling ride.  216 pgs, full color.

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